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This place is basically a muddy hole beside a trail. It’s frequented by mud bogging trucks in the spring and ends up being really nice and deep. A little gritty but most of the stones get thrown out by truck tires.
In 2015 I returned to find another similar hole down the trail a bit. The second hole is much deeper and mostly free of stones.

Coming along

I took a quick trip to the truck hole. Since last year I was a bit late to that particular show, I figured I’d try to visit earlier this year. Apparently, it’s a bit too early yet… I have to say, it sure looks better than it did last time I visited… I just need… Read More »

Revving up!

This year is just now starting to rev up. I took another arduous trek through the forest to hunt around for mud in the Creeky Marsh area… I was hoping that since we’ve had little rain and the water levels are down all across the board, I’d be able to take a nice deep sink…… Read More »

OK, that was *remarkably* gooey

Yups. Another mud hole trip. It seems that the soupy goo I made last trip really did something useful. Some of the surface water has evaporated off the top and there’s this gorgeous mushy mud goo under it now. That was a lot of funsies. And not a lot of work is required to get… Read More »

OMG it’s wet!

Wow. Yesterday it rained. And rained. And rained! Heavy rains, steady rains, light rains, all over the course of the day. So I know I was just at the mud pit the other day, and there wasn’t a lot of water there to use… But what about today? I was just at the mud hole… Read More »

WTF is this guy doing?

Another week, another trip to the mud hole. It seems to be a pretty good spot, really. I’ve been there a number of times this year and no sign of any interference. No unwanted visitors (animal or human)! It seems even the trucks haven’t returned! So when I arrived on-site this time, I was pretty… Read More »

Oh look, a mushy spot!

I went back (again) to the truck hole. It’s pretty dry looking still but I did remember to bring a water jug with me this time. I spent a good hour or so flooding a spot with some water from a big puddle down the trail. This mud doesn’t take too much stomping around to… Read More »

Very nice!

It seems the mud pit I’ve been using has pretty much dried up for the season. I noticed our mud-happy truck folk visited the site at least once since the last time I was there (which was several weeks ago, thanks to our illustrious postal service)… The surface is all cracked up… But, underneath it… Read More »

More rains plz!

This past weekend marked another happy fun visit to this year’s choice hole… The water level is getting pretty low, but it’s still beautifully mushy… I am hoping to get one more trip in as soon as I get my fancy new zentai suit… There is a small amount of stormy rainy type weather in… Read More »

Night time christening!

So I went to Crappy Tire to find a smaller, lighter bottle of bug spray. Except I was pretty baked when I got there so I kinda forgot what I was looking for at first and ended up wandering around the store looking for neat stuff I can’t afford. 🙂 Well, I passed by the… Read More »


I am once again impressed with the quality of mud I’ve found at my new favourite place… No stones, very smooth, practically no texture but at the same time there kinda is. It’s difficult to describe. I made a quickie visit, didn’t do much. I just wanted to clear my head because today and tomorrow… Read More »