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Today’s Ramblings

It’s been an absolutely beautiful summer here this year. There’s been the hot and humid periods, but we’re getting more decently nice days than last year. I’ve been feeling pretty lazy this season and have been favouring short to-the-point excursions.. I’ve made two trips in the last 4 weeks or so. One to the marsh… Read More »

I love the fall

With water at the lower point this time of year, I’m getting to check out some sweet shorelines! Here’s good old Creeky Bog, which I visited a few times this year, and then decided to seek something more private. There’s no trace of any of my visits from this year, thanks to the fallen leaves.… Read More »

Winding down

I’ve been pretty busy lately with real life stuff… But I did manage to get out twice in the last month or so. I’ve kept up my winning streak of getting to and from the spot without being spotted, except by a few young fishermen, who really seemed more interested in getting away from me… Read More »

Pick-up Sticks

I finally found a day off to spend wandering through the forest again. I tried to reach an area that looks like it might have some nice mud. The forest around it is pretty hardcore, so I gave up after about 2 hours. There’s a chance I might try to visit it again but I… Read More »


I took a trek through the bush again.  This time I took a different route in an attempt to bypass the creek side path I’ve been following.  I ended up wasting an hour stabbing myself in the face repeatedly with twigs. I did eventually find a better route for the second half of the trek,… Read More »

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Well a mixed up freaked out bag this week! I went out for the day with the idea being to casually explore around the Creeky Marsh this week. I wasn’t sure where I’d end up. The spot I’ve ‘used’ a few times this year was an option. But this time I didn’t make it that… Read More »

These little fuckers…

… are trying very hard to make my summer outages as miserable as possible.  It’s bad. All the diethyltoluamide and icaridin in the world isn’t even slowing them down!  I can’t expose any skin. Within a second there’s a half dozen of them stuck in me.  It’s almost impossible to have any fun. Clean up is… Read More »

November Schnovember!

Wow I’ve actually been in the mud 3 times this month already!  While the air has been nice and warm, the mud itself has been pretty cold, almost to the point of numbness. But that hasn’t stopped me from venturing waist deep in the stuff.  The spot I’ve been playing in is the lighter shade of… Read More »


Welp. I went back. It seemed deeper this time. I think that is because the more I squish around in it the deeper it gets. Also the thicker it gets, of course. Dragging the thicker stuff up from the bottom thickens the top pretty quickly. I’m really glad for this. It’s quite a workout trying… Read More »

I can’t help myself!

Well today is cloudy and all of about 12°C outside… But it’s not going to stop me from re-visiting yesterday’s deliciously deep mud hole. The next few days are going to be colder and colder so I don’t know if I’ll be able to visit the hole any more this year, and yesterday’s adventure left… Read More »