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This is a medium-depth hole of mostly clay that I dug with my bare hands (OK, you got me, I used a shovel!)… It’s a really nice creamy consistency and is a lot of fun to play around in.  It’s also fairly well hidden and I have had no problem using this spot during the brightest days!

So many tiny bags of sand!

Well this ‘spring’ is certainly soggy. Everything’s flooded and surrounded with tiny bags of sand. Sandbags give me sore joints. I suppose this flooding is to be expected, although we’re having noticeably more ‘major’ floods. It’s definitely time to stop building houses in areas known to be susceptible to high water! I hope this year’s… Read More »

Pick-up Sticks

I finally found a day off to spend wandering through the forest again. I tried to reach an area that looks like it might have some nice mud. The forest around it is pretty hardcore, so I gave up after about 2 hours. There’s a chance I might try to visit it again but I… Read More »

It’s getting really gooey!

As I mush the mud around more, the surface level drops a little below the ground level. This is great for collecting rain, and since it’s a somewhat shaded spot, the water hangs around for a while. After, oh I don’t know, maybe an hour of mushing the pit around, I end up with this… Read More »

I think I’m in love with this mud pit

I just can’t get enough of this mud hole, folks.  No extra water needed, and it’s so smushy and slippery and has this really creamy texture. I just can’t get enough. This is definitely shaping up to be one of the best holes I’ve ever had, if not the best. And I can go there during… Read More »

Enter The Spongebog!

OK So I went back to my new play spot after 2 weeks away… As I approached the pit my heart skipped a beat or two when I saw how awesome it looked… A little bit of water pooled in the middle, which is great since there is still some less-than-fully saturated bits around the… Read More »

Diggin a hole!

This spot is a little bit downstream from the last one. Better seclusion, since there are several houses in the area. Once school is out I will have to be careful since it’s still pretty close to town… But I’ve been here several times now and it’s been great each time 🙂 So, I dug… Read More »

I love the sunshine!

Another day of wandering around ended up in this great looking place. I checked a spot to see if it was soft but it wasn’t really. A bit more prodding got me a few inches down before I struck a harder layer. It is in a beautiful daytime fun area too! So on a hunch I… Read More »