First Mudding of 2020!

By | June 19, 2020

Yes! I finally got off my fat ass and hiked out to my muddy mud place! So, I didn’t beat the timer after all, but I didn’t miss it by too much.

Anyway, the nice muddy area around the creek is still pretty soaked. I’d really like to get in that mud, though, so I’m tempted on my next trip to attempt to remove some of the water and get into the deeper mud.

Meanwhile, I’ll sit out this latest heat wave in my cushy air-conditioned flat. I need a break anyway. It’s a pretty arduous trek to the mud pits, although the exercise was incredibly refreshing! I’ve decided I need to avoid the creek as much as possible. The COVID19 pandemic is motivating more people to spend time outside.

Hopefully my next trek doesn’t physically exhaust me as much as this first one did so I can actually take a break and snap a few photos.

Stay tuned!

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