The Raspberries Are Ready!

By | August 2, 2020

Yes, they certainly are. They look good this year. This summer has been quite the scorcher, a hot sticky mess – one of my favourite things!

I’ve been out to the mud pit again. All the prep work a few weeks ago is definitely paying off. The mud is very soft and squishy and not covered with so much water now. With rain in the forecast recently, I may be well off to continue using this wonderful pit for the whole season.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken a nice Sunday drive (on a Friday) to the extra-tempting ATV-stirred mud hole I found late last year. I can see the mud peeking up through the surface and I’m betting it’s still soft and deep.

So, of course, I’m very tempted to visit this spot. It’s still just a few feet from the road, but the road doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic. I think I will try to get a nice late evening romp at the far side of the area, where headlights aren’t as likely to catch me.

In other news, I’ve decided to dispense with the zentai suit for a while, and go for a couple sessions with some other tight spandex items I have that are sitting around unused for a few years now (since I got my first zentai outfit). I’m sure I’ll be back in zentai before the season’s end, tho! 🙂

I’ve also started preparing for winter. I’m taking some buckets of mud from my favourite mud holes and filtering out as much non-mud bits as possible (with a seive). I should have at least a few buckets of dried dirt for use during the frozen season.

I think that’s all, until next time!

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