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This place has this silty clay mud. A few stones. It gets a really nice creamy consistency, but requires quite a bit of work to prepare.


I am once again impressed with the quality of mud I’ve found at my new favourite place… No stones, very smooth, practically no texture but at the same time there kinda is. It’s difficult to describe. I made a quickie visit, didn’t do much. I just wanted to clear my head because today and tomorrow… Read More »

Burning dinosaurs.

I decided I wanted to find myself a day spot, so I mapped out some creeks. The map handily shows me which creeks are good clay sites, so I checked a few of them out. One in particular caught my interest. Unfortunately, since it’s clay, it doesn’t drain very fast. I did, however, step in… Read More »


Well, I went back to my favourite mud hole. I wanted to try out a new camera so I can stop risking my expensive DSLR to take photos of mud holes. Unfortunately, the alternate camera took such shoddy quality photos they’re not worth retouching and posting, so I don’t have a photo for this post… Read More »