By | June 19, 2015

I am once again impressed with the quality of mud I’ve found at my new favourite place… No stones, very smooth, practically no texture but at the same time there kinda is. It’s difficult to describe.

I made a quickie visit, didn’t do much. I just wanted to clear my head because today and tomorrow are gonna be busy days and I need to be able to concentrate. I was in and out in an hour. The spot I’ve been working in is just as I left it so I didn’t even have to spend time prepping it again. LOL

So yeah there were people on quads or dirt bikes or something nearby, on one of the other trails. I’m really hoping they quiet down at a decent time on Saturday. I don’t want to be sitting around all paranoid until 4am like I did back at the deep mush trail of last year.

Speaking of Deep Mush Trail… I may not actually visit that spot at all this year, and if I do it won’t be until Truck Hole Trail dries up too much to be useful… Then after that I have another spot to play in that never, ever completely dries up…

Such a fun summer this is gonna be! I can’t wait till Saturday. Big plans. Lots of time. Nice weather. The whole world of wonderful awaits me!

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