Night time christening!

By | June 22, 2015

So I went to Crappy Tire to find a smaller, lighter bottle of bug spray. Except I was pretty baked when I got there so I kinda forgot what I was looking for at first and ended up wandering around the store looking for neat stuff I can’t afford. πŸ™‚ Well, I passed by the sports section and saw a bunch of boxes labelled “Bauer Basics Base Layer Pants” !!! So I ended up getting a pair of them… Nearly $40 for just the pants, and there’s a matching top that I didn’t have enough cash for on me. So yeah, this next week or so I’m gonna be buying gas with loonies!

But, it was worth it! They are nice and tight-fitting without being ‘too’ tight. 86% polyester, 14% spandex, nice grey color with just a little bit of sheen that really works well for me πŸ™‚ They hold my junk well and are just right on the legs. I am thrilled. I think I could easily go a size smaller and still have enough stretchy to do what I need… Not a priority due to current budget restraints, but definitely something to consider.

I’m also shopping around Amazon for a zentai suit with a front zipper from the neck to the belly button. I found lots of rear zipper ones, and lots with a front neck-to-crotch zipper, but I really want the zipper to stop at the belly button… The prices I’m finding are quite reasonable consider other one-piece spandexy outfits seem to cost 3x as much… And free shipping too! If it comes to it I would be OK with a rear zipper, but I’ll at least try to find what I need.

It’s also hard to get the proper size. Sometimes I get large and it’s too big, and sometimes I get large and it’s too small. Oh well. Some expensive trial-and-error, but worth it in the end!

So having spent all my money, I was more than ready to christen my new pants! After stopping at home for a snack, I went to the spot.  At this point it was going on 9:30pm so the sun was mostly set but there was enough light left to see where I was going at least.  When I got near the first pit, I saw some headlights, so I detoured into the bush to wait for them to leave. After 15 minutes or so, I hear another truck coming down the trail… I heard it stop at the pit and some chatting, and after another 20 minutes or so he left with the first vehicle in tow. I guess they got stuck in the mud pit there… So I waited a while to make sure I couldn’t hear any other signs of life, emerged from the bush and headed to the fun pit.

When I got there I was thrilled to find the area surrounding my little deep hole had just enough water still on top of it that I could start to dig underneath it, and the mud underneath is already saturated, which saves me stomping around in circles trying to soften it up… It also means that some remaining excess water is flooding into the unsoftened parts, which are still soft but not quite as saturated (yet!), so next time I should have a much larger area to play in…

I still feel uncomfortable leaving my car so close to the entry of the trail. It’s getting pretty obvious that someone has been going to that spot and it’s not a big stretch to figure out that that person owns the car that sits down the road for hours at a time… So I’m going to evaluate options for putting the car somewhere else, even if it means a longer trek… On the other hand, I have maybe a few weeks left at that spot before it dries up too much. The ‘original’ pit will be good for another few weeks after that, but it’s used more often… There is a noticeable dent in the pit from all the trucks spraying mud out of it. But it’s also stirred up more which makes things a bit easier for me… Of course, there’s also more stones there…

I’m planning one more night-long one-man party there, and then I might ditch that spot for the rest of the year to let any heat die down… I wish I could use this spot all year long because the mud is just so incredibly smooth and clean… But, all good things must end!

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