By | June 23, 2015

Yeah so after looking around, I’ve decided to invest in a nice zentai suit. There are so many colors and options… But I’m finding them not nearly as expensive as I thought.

There’s a few cheapo ones on Amazon… Less than $40, but there’s no ability to customize it. I found a place that will put a front zipper (neck to navel) and eye holes for me.  I’m really not sure what to expect. The models look really hawt and the suits look nice and tight, but it’s hard to judge from the sizing charts which suit would be best on me. I have this awful feeling I’m gonna spend way more than I want (ie, upwards of $60) and get a suit that’s not as tight as I’d like it to be… But given the nature of spandex suits, I am hopeful the size I choose will be perfect.

Like seriously, who wouldn’t want to wear this gorgeous outfit in a nice squishy pit of mud?

You can keep the boots, though. Since Zentai covers the feet, I wouldn’t even need socks! This, surprisingly enough, would seriously simplify my packing regime. Instead of socks and bottoms and a top of some sort, I could just fold this suit up real nice, and tuck it in the corner of my backpack… It would be small enough that I could keep it and carry it with me, and I wouldn’t have to be so cautious with the bag’s contents if I, say, spend the night at a friend’s house, or leave town for a wedding and want to do some exploring on the way home… Such a great idea.

Anyway, I disgress. I’m having trouble mostly with sizing, but I’m also having a hard time choosing between really shiny fabric or something less inclined to pick up ambient light… I will probably go with the duller black color, or possibly dark brown or dark grey…

But ya know, I can’t help but imagine how much I would enjoy christening a real nice white one… And I would consider it if I were certain it could be cleaned properly and returned to it’s bright white state after swimming in the nearly-black mud that I’ve been playing in. Yes, I’d even accept the risk of being a bright white figure in the darkness of midnight…

Oh and not to be outdone, you can get latex zentai suits in either of those colors… Latex, when properly cared for, would be my absolute first choice, but there’s just too much work involved with latex. It’s difficult to put on, tricky to wash (this being ultra-important), and costs 5x more… But it’s just so stunning. If I ever have some spare cash I’m so getting one (although it won’t be pink!), even if it turns out to be a one-time thing.

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