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Uhm, how do I wear pants, again?

There’s this time of year when I spend my free time planning out the coming mud season. From wandering around Google Maps, to deciding what gear I want/need, and even spending time blabbering on about it! 🙂 Typically, I wear spandex shorts (yes, I’m still using the same pair I was in 2014!) under a… Read More »

Shiny and grey!

 I love the shiny grey color that this year’s mud holes have had. It’s obvious this area is rich in Leda clay, which isn’t a surprise really.  Even the muck that makes up Creeky Bog has a notable grey color once you get through the brown organic layer. I don’t know why I like this shiny grey so… Read More »

Must not impulse-buy. Must not impulse-buy.

Must not impulse-buy! Especially with our dollar as shit as it is right now. Sure, it’s great for exporting. But, it’s not so great for importing. Having said that, I’m expecting a chunk of money to appear in my wallet soon, and I’m having to make a difficult choice. Related Images:

Very nice!

It seems the mud pit I’ve been using has pretty much dried up for the season. I noticed our mud-happy truck folk visited the site at least once since the last time I was there (which was several weeks ago, thanks to our illustrious postal service)… The surface is all cracked up… But, underneath it… Read More »

Super saver shipping, huh.

Damp, rainy weather today and expected again in a few days, followed by some excellent temperatures. Things are working out well for me while I wait! 🙂 Related Images:


Yeah so after looking around, I’ve decided to invest in a nice zentai suit. There are so many colors and options… But I’m finding them not nearly as expensive as I thought. There’s a few cheapo ones on Amazon… Less than $40, but there’s no ability to customize it. I found a place that will… Read More »