Must not impulse-buy. Must not impulse-buy.

By | January 28, 2016

Must not impulse-buy!

Especially with our dollar as shit as it is right now. Sure, it’s great for exporting. But, it’s not so great for importing. Having said that, I’m expecting a chunk of money to appear in my wallet soon, and I’m having to make a difficult choice.

See, way back in 2015 I bought myself a zentai suit from Milanoo. It was a ‘standard’ size, which was pretty good for the most part but it seems their standard sizing is designed for someone somewhat larger than me, but with shorter legs… The suit has held up pretty well, both in and out of the mud pit. No rips or tears, save a hole in the foot from stepping on rocks… Oh and one of the zippers broke off… And I’m tempted to have another one custom-made for me. A few more dollars, but would fit better… At the end of it all, it was a little over a hundred bucks, including shipping and stuff… And our dollar was still pretty high at that time.

But then I look over at Fets Fash and I see they have some different weights of fabric to choose from, as well as a microfibre option, which looks really (really!) nice on their website… The problem with Fets Fash is that they are three times the price… Well over $200 in my increasingly worthless currency! They do have more comprehensive sizing options, so I could get the perfect size made for me. The good news is I could opt for a heavy fabric or a lighter one, several microfibre options, front or back zipper, etc without changing the price significantly.

And of course, there’s $20 suits on Amazon and I’ve heard about several other manufacturers that vary in price and quality, but the two I discussed here seem to be my best options…

And then there’s latex. I’d really like to experiment with latex, but the prices is prohibitive. Easily half a grand from Fets Fash… I don’t know what Milanoo’s pricing is like, and right now I don’t think I’m in the mindset to go look.

Today’s parting thought is a tribute to one-size-too-small outfits:

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