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Hello, I’m Squishbob. I have been traveling the local countryside for years, searching and mapping out only the best mud holes. I’m a pretty private guy, but sometimes talking about mud and stuff helps me clear my mind. You will find here stories about my experiences and words of wisdom for others who may share my (admittedly strange) hobby.

Why? Wikipedia to the rescue! Wet and messy fetishism and Spandex fetishism.

If you enjoy WAM sexually and have a blog of your own, I’d love to trade links with you! Contact me!

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First adventure of 2021!

Yes, finally. On the last day of the first long weekend of summer, I managed to get myself out to the good ol’ creeky marsh! It was a nice bright sunny day, not too hot or cold. The mosquitos were insane.

The pit is full of water, which wasn’t entirely unexpected. It’s pretty early in the season, but it looks like it’s going to be a fairly dry summer, so I’m betting on many wonderful muddy excursions this summer! I didn’t spend any time wandering around, and headed straight for the pit. This, I think, is going to be how the treks are going to be this year.


I started out down the usual trail I follow… There’s a gate at the beginning that usually is closed and locked (but easy to get around), but this time around the gate was open, and there were apparently fresh ATV tracks. Bummer! So, I had to stray from the trail and go around the area. The detour takes me far enough off course to nearly double the time it takes me to get to the pit, and I’m moderately annoyed about this right now. I added some POIs where there’s clearings I can walk through easily, so I suspect that after a few trips I’ll have a much easier time navigating the dead forest.

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Early Spring!

Welcome to 2021! Everyone is still socially isolated. I’ve become addicted to Discord, and it’s helped me get through the winter… It was a pretty lame winter with very little snow; we had none at the end of March. Most of April has featured 15°C+ so ma nature continues to favour us!

As far as Discord goes. I decided to start my own server there. I made a page, here, where you can see what the server’s about and decide whether you’d be interested in joining. For now it’s pretty quiet, but if it grows up a bit, it could end up being a nice place to hang out…

I’m looking forward to spending some time outdoors after spending most of the last few months on the couch. I’ve managed to de-stress significantly in the last few months, though, so it was totally worth it. I may even get back into some of my old hobbies, like nature photography and hiking some new places. I’m pretty sure that in all of last year, I went only to and from the same mud hole, which is a good hike, but always to the same spot

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to buy a GoPro. It took me a fair bit of shopping around to get a decent price, and I debated with myself quite a bit over whether it’s worth the price or not. The GoPro is considered by most reviewers to be superior to the lower-priced knockoffs, and given it’s proven versatility, I ultimately decided it’s worth the splurge.


I’ve lost a lot of weight over the winter in complete opposition to normal… And so, in addition to yet another new camera, I’m going to be ordering up another custom zentai outfit. This time around, I’m going for a more expensive option, with heavy weight spandex fabric instead of the cheap lighter stuff that I usually get. The site I’m buying from sez it’s 10 oz/yd2, which works about to 339 gsm, and so it’s quite heavy weight. I might have to ask some questions before getting it, tho, because the heavier fabrics I usually see are around 250 gsm (7.something oz/yd2)… Without any frame of reference, I don’t really know what I’m getting into.

My first suit had an attached head and feet, and my second one had no head or feet. This time, I think I will get a detached hood (mostly to use when filming/photographing), and feet. I’m also considering getting the zipper in the back instead of the front, although the zipper doesn’t usually interfere with the fun, and it’s easier to access…

Thanks in part to COVID, no doubt, I’m looking at a 6-8 week lead time, which means if I’m lucky I’ll have it for the end of June. Chances are I will end up having a session or two with my older suits, which is fine, although they aren’t as nice and tight any more. I’m sure they’ll do fine!

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Mushy Mudder Madness

Many of my Sunday drives this year have taken me past this awesome mushy mudding hole. Every time I pass by it, I take a minute to just stop and admire it.

So, I’ve braved the chilly fall weather twice in two weeks, and indulged my fetish for deep mushy mud in this horribly located velvety mud pond. It was very much worth it!

It’s among the smoothest and creamiest mud around here. After not using the pit for a while, the mud is a weird melange of black and brown, but after smushing around in it, it takes on a slick shiny shade of dark grey.

This is the best time of year to indulge myself there, since I must visit at night. It’s the only time I can see headlights coming with enough time to get to safety.

The first visit was at 4am and was traffic-free. It was the first test of the one-size-too-small spandex pants I bought the week before. They performed flawlessly and I will use them again! I couldn’t see what I was doing the whole time, and I rushed to get back home cuz I had to clean up and get some sleep.

The second visit was at 7pm. I wore by black spandex suit this time, It was getting dark, but there was still some waning light around. I really enjoyed crawling in and out of it! However, the wind was nasty and cold, and the temperature was falling, so I didn’t play around for too long.

I’m feeling pretty good having had a few sessions in this mud. It makes the extra Sunday drive fuel consumption worth it!

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Fall colours!

Well it certainly seems to be the end of summer here in the wondrous Canadian forest. Temperatures are falling with the leaves. There’s a chance it will warm up enough next week, but not enough to go swimming in my mud hole.

I did manage to get out to the pit last week. There’s no water on top of it (finally!), and since I’ve spent all summer playing in it, the mud there is a wonderful rich soggy mess. It’s the perfect consistency now and I’m a bit sad that I probably won’t make it back there again this year.

On my last trip I noticed there’s a trail cam watching one of the patches of field that I typically venture through to get to this year’s favourite mud pit. I had to detour around it, which wasn’t so bad. But it certainly means there’s hunters around and I would like to avoid an encounter with some macho loser carrying a big gun.

Since it was a relatively wet summer, there is no chance of getting to the muddy bank I like to wallow in. Perhaps next year. Meanwhile, if it does warm up a little, I might check out the ATV hole. I’ve been keeping an eye on it and it definitely looks like a lot of fun. But with trail cams up and hunters roaming around, it doesn’t bode well for any sort of late season wallow there. But, as always, we’ll see how things go over the next week or two.

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Hurricane Remnants

Thankfully, we don’t get the severe tropical weather bullshit that the US does. What does happen, is that the leftover moisture from dead storms finds its way north and soaks my mud pits.

So I had to skip a session. I’m a little worried about the lingering effects of the former hurricane Laura on the nice muddy summer we were having. I’m sure happy for the break from the sweltering heat, but this last week has been late-September kinda chilly. I’m seeing some leaves turning color on the trees already.

I’m pretty sure the summer isn’t over yet. Hopefully the warmth returns and takes back some of this recent soaking rain. My favourite mud pit of this year is perfectly deep and sticky and I’d really like to get at least a few more sessions in before the leafy cover all falls down.

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Another round of mud pit fun!

I can’t believe there was more water on top of my glorious mud pit than there was last time I visited! 🙁

Fortunately, my repeated visits are having a positive effect on the mud’s squishyness. I managed to get good and stuck and thoroughly enjoy myself, no shovelling required!!

It was a nice sunny day. I have more photos from this particular trip in my UMD and FetLife profiles, and on several other major social networking platforms.

Antisocial Networks!

Yup. I’m all over social networks. I’m not exactly much for being social, mind you. But lately, I’ve been feeling more chatty than usual, and I’m not really sure what’s behind this sudden change in attitude toward talking to people.

My best theory to date is that I’m just fed up with the tiny social circle I’m in. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on pretty much everybody’s social lives these days, it’s reasonable to hypothesize this as being a driving factor behind my recent social media use.

Yeah. I’ll go with that!

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The Raspberries Are Ready!

Yes, they certainly are. They look good this year. This summer has been quite the scorcher, a hot sticky mess – one of my favourite things!

I’ve been out to the mud pit again. All the prep work a few weeks ago is definitely paying off. The mud is very soft and squishy and not covered with so much water now. With rain in the forecast recently, I may be well off to continue using this wonderful pit for the whole season.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken a nice Sunday drive (on a Friday) to the extra-tempting ATV-stirred mud hole I found late last year. I can see the mud peeking up through the surface and I’m betting it’s still soft and deep.

So, of course, I’m very tempted to visit this spot. It’s still just a few feet from the road, but the road doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic. I think I will try to get a nice late evening romp at the far side of the area, where headlights aren’t as likely to catch me.

In other news, I’ve decided to dispense with the zentai suit for a while, and go for a couple sessions with some other tight spandex items I have that are sitting around unused for a few years now (since I got my first zentai outfit). I’m sure I’ll be back in zentai before the season’s end, tho! 🙂

I’ve also started preparing for winter. I’m taking some buckets of mud from my favourite mud holes and filtering out as much non-mud bits as possible (with a seive). I should have at least a few buckets of dried dirt for use during the frozen season.

I think that’s all, until next time!

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Fuck it, I’ll use the damned shovel!

I figured 2 weeks with no rain would help my mud pit dry up a little, but I think there’s more in it now than when I started.

So, next time I bring a shovel and engage in another round of mud pit maintenance. I will have to decide whether to work with the pit I’ve been using this year, or put the effort into one of the other spots. There is some deeper mud with more dense brush around it and I’m tempted to work on that.

We’ll see what happens.

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Another romp through the woods!

Yup. I managed to get motivated (read: bored) enough to venture out into the mosquito-infested back country to visit my lovely mud pits.

This time, I was less concerned with getting off in the swampy mudness and more interested in prepping one of the water covered spots so it would be ready for use while I wait for the deeper area to drain.

I chose a spot I’ve previously visited a few times. It was nice mud, although not as deep as some other spots.

It took several hours of mushing around to stir up the mud. I was hoping it would soak up more water than it did; there’s still a good 2″ of water on top. I could’ve gone deeper, but it’s hard work so that’s enough for now. I’m sure I’ll get back to it again in a week or two.

It’s definitely a labour of love!

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First Mudding of 2020!

Yes! I finally got off my fat ass and hiked out to my muddy mud place! So, I didn’t beat the timer after all, but I didn’t miss it by too much.

Anyway, the nice muddy area around the creek is still pretty soaked. I’d really like to get in that mud, though, so I’m tempted on my next trip to attempt to remove some of the water and get into the deeper mud.

Meanwhile, I’ll sit out this latest heat wave in my cushy air-conditioned flat. I need a break anyway. It’s a pretty arduous trek to the mud pits, although the exercise was incredibly refreshing! I’ve decided I need to avoid the creek as much as possible. The COVID19 pandemic is motivating more people to spend time outside.

Hopefully my next trek doesn’t physically exhaust me as much as this first one did so I can actually take a break and snap a few photos.

Stay tuned!

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