A late summer adventure

By | September 14, 2018

I have been out in the bush again! 🙂

I was hoping this time to be able to get into the marsh but there is still too much fuckin’ water covering the crazy awesome mud I found at the end of the 2017 mud season… The hole I’ve been playing in for the last few trips is getting a little bit dry, but it’s still pretty deep and mushy enough…

Yup, so as you can see, I have a good 18″ depth to that particular spot. It’s actually bottomless as far as I can tell, but I need water and some effort to actually realize it’s true depth. So, instead of using that spot again, I’m letting it rest until the next season comes along. The spring floods will fill in all the foot prints, and so I don’t have to worry so much about the spot being discovered. 🙂

I returned to one of (if not the) first spot I played in when I originally found this area last year. It’s even deeper, almost to my waist. I did manage to bring my fancy camera like I had planned to do a few weeks ago. It made for an interestingly messy image:

And so I played around in there for some time and ended up having one of the best sessions of the year so far.

I plan to return again very soon. I am hearing a lot of weather gurus say that we are likely to run out of summer warmth sooner than we have the last few years, and so I am trying to get out as much as I can. I am hoping the best part of the marsh pokes out in time for me to have a session or two in the infinitely deep muck that I love so much!

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