Camera Gear

By | August 17, 2018

I try to snap a few photos when I’m out and about, and in many cases I don’t put them online… The main reason for this has to do with the tiny little lightweight digital camera I carry around with me. I have found it very difficult to capture nice clear photos with this little thing.

It’s not for lack of photography skills, since I have a nice DSLR and a few lenses that I’ve spent many hours with. I rarely carry this one because it’s a hundred times the size, and it’s not something I want to be using with my muddy paws all the time.

However! I am thinking maybe I’ll bring it along when I try out my new suit in (hopefully) the next few days… I haven’t got much out of doors time this summer and I think it would be nice to leave earlier in the day and just hang out alone in the woods for a while. I’ll bring my tripod, even!

So far the weather looks pretty good for the next few days, so I am hoping the recent heavy rain we’ve had hasn’t flooded out my happy place too badly. Last time I visited the marsh I noticed that some of the best mud is starting to poke through…

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