Mushy Mudder Madness

By | October 12, 2020

Many of my Sunday drives this year have taken me past this awesome mushy mudding hole. Every time I pass by it, I take a minute to just stop and admire it.

So, I’ve braved the chilly fall weather twice in two weeks, and indulged my fetish for deep mushy mud in this horribly located velvety mud pond. It was very much worth it!

It’s among the smoothest and creamiest mud around here. After not using the pit for a while, the mud is a weird melange of black and brown, but after smushing around in it, it takes on a slick shiny shade of dark grey.

This is the best time of year to indulge myself there, since I must visit at night. It’s the only time I can see headlights coming with enough time to get to safety.

The first visit was at 4am and was traffic-free. It was the first test of the one-size-too-small spandex pants I bought the week before. They performed flawlessly and I will use them again! I couldn’t see what I was doing the whole time, and I rushed to get back home cuz I had to clean up and get some sleep.

The second visit was at 7pm. I wore by black spandex suit this time, It was getting dark, but there was still some waning light around. I really enjoyed crawling in and out of it! However, the wind was nasty and cold, and the temperature was falling, so I didn’t play around for too long.

I’m feeling pretty good having had a few sessions in this mud. It makes the extra Sunday drive fuel consumption worth it!

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