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Horny for mud and mushy WAM things. Enjoyer of tight clothing and sexy cosplay.

First adventure of 2021!

Yes, finally. On the last day of the first long weekend of summer, I managed to get myself out to the good ol’ creeky marsh! It was a nice bright sunny day, not too hot or cold. The mosquitos were insane. The pit is full of water, which wasn’t entirely unexpected. It’s pretty early in… Read More »

Early Spring!

Welcome to 2021! Everyone is still socially isolated. I’ve become addicted to Discord, and it’s helped me get through the winter… It was a pretty lame winter with very little snow; we had none at the end of March. Most of April has featured 15°C+ so ma nature continues to favour us! As far as… Read More »

Mushy Mudder Madness

Many of my Sunday drives this year have taken me past this awesome mushy mudding hole. Every time I pass by it, I take a minute to just stop and admire it. So, I’ve braved the chilly fall weather twice in two weeks, and indulged my fetish for deep mushy mud in this horribly located… Read More »

Fall colours!

Well it certainly seems to be the end of summer here in the wondrous Canadian forest. Temperatures are falling with the leaves. There’s a chance it will warm up enough next week, but not enough to go swimming in my mud hole. I did manage to get out to the pit last week. There’s no… Read More »

Hurricane Remnants

Thankfully, we don’t get the severe tropical weather bullshit that the US does. What does happen, is that the leftover moisture from dead storms finds its way north and soaks my mud pits. So I had to skip a session. I’m a little worried about the lingering effects of the former hurricane Laura on the… Read More »

Another round of mud pit fun!

I can’t believe there was more water on top of my glorious mud pit than there was last time I visited! 🙁 Fortunately, my repeated visits are having a positive effect on the mud’s squishyness. I managed to get good and stuck and thoroughly enjoy myself, no shovelling required!! It was a nice sunny day.… Read More »

The Raspberries Are Ready!

Yes, they certainly are. They look good this year. This summer has been quite the scorcher, a hot sticky mess – one of my favourite things! I’ve been out to the mud pit again. All the prep work a few weeks ago is definitely paying off. The mud is very soft and squishy and not… Read More »

Another romp through the woods!

Yup. I managed to get motivated (read: bored) enough to venture out into the mosquito-infested back country to visit my lovely mud pits. This time, I was less concerned with getting off in the swampy mudness and more interested in prepping one of the water covered spots so it would be ready for use while… Read More »

First Mudding of 2020!

Yes! I finally got off my fat ass and hiked out to my muddy mud place! So, I didn’t beat the timer after all, but I didn’t miss it by too much. Anyway, the nice muddy area around the creek is still pretty soaked. I’d really like to get in that mud, though, so I’m… Read More »