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Horny for mud and mushy WAM things. Enjoyer of tight clothing and sexy cosplay.

And now… A ridiculous heat wave!

At least I have a better excuse than being lazy for not going out to the mudpits. +40°C with the humidity is definitely not safe weather for trudging through the forest. Apparently, we’re expecting one more day of this ridiculous heat, then a day of storms and rain, then back to normal weather for the… Read More »

Great… Now I can’t get myself motivated

Granted, the nice creeky marsh I’m planning to mush around in is a bit of a trek through some rather unforgiving forest. It’s great because chances are noone else wants to go there… But it makes for a tough trek when you’re all fat and out of shape from sitting around all winter… But, thankfully,… Read More »

I might beat the timer!

As I’m writing this, my little fun time timer is telling me that I should be dipping in some muddy fun in 36 days. I think I will beat this timer! 🙂 It is looking like I’ll at least be out for a hike in the next week or so, and with any luck it’ll… Read More »

Spring is springing

All the muddy looking fields is such an encouragement. It’s a sure sign that the ground is thawing and I’ll be checking out mud pits soon! COVID-19 has me a little concerned that there will be more visitors around my favourite mud pits this year. It’s not what I want, really, but I find my… Read More »


And so it’s well into 2020 now. Some weather know-it-alls are predicting an early spring. I can vouch for the snow melting already – and not too fast. I predict none of last year’s flooding, assuming the snow keeps melting slowly and we don’t get tons of rain. I can’t help get a little bit… Read More »

Magic Number

I decided I need some sort of date to look forward to. It’ll help get through the winter blahs to have a plan. Thus, I’ve decided that the magic number, based on historical spring runoff times, is the 160th day of the year, corresponding to June 8, 2020 (it is a leap year!). And so… Read More »

So worth it!

I went back. I went back to the stirred up pit that I so much feared just a few nights ago. I did not regret it. As it turns out, it’s a bit easier to hide from the truck lights than I thought. So I parked in the same spot I did the other day,… Read More »

All I want is just one more…

A few years ago, I remember not going out much during the summer. I came to regret it all winter long. This fall, the same thing seems to be happening again. I don’t much like this feeling. It’s nasty, like I’m wasting my life. That being said, I have a few more nice days until… Read More »

So tempting!

Yeah so I took a nice Sunday drive today. At this point, I’m kind of regretting it because I found something that looked very tempting, but so totally unsafe that I sat there for 3 full hours in full gear, ready to jump in at any moment, but so full of hesitation that I ended… Read More »

Seasonal Thoughts

Well the summer was way too short. It certainly was a good one with decent temperatures and lots of sunny days. As the season wraps up for another year, I’m finding myself a little disappointed that I didn’t get as much mud time as I would have liked. Worse of all, is that I didn’t… Read More »