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Early Spring!

Welcome to 2021! Everyone is still socially isolated. I’ve become addicted to Discord, and it’s helped me get through the winter… It was a pretty lame winter with very little snow; we had none at the end of March. Most of April has featured 15°C+ so ma nature continues to favour us! As far as… Read More »

Hurricane Remnants

Thankfully, we don’t get the severe tropical weather bullshit that the US does. What does happen, is that the leftover moisture from dead storms finds its way north and soaks my mud pits. So I had to skip a session. I’m a little worried about the lingering effects of the former hurricane Laura on the… Read More »

Another round of mud pit fun!

I can’t believe there was more water on top of my glorious mud pit than there was last time I visited! 🙁 Fortunately, my repeated visits are having a positive effect on the mud’s squishyness. I managed to get good and stuck and thoroughly enjoy myself, no shovelling required!! It was a nice sunny day.… Read More »

The Raspberries Are Ready!

Yes, they certainly are. They look good this year. This summer has been quite the scorcher, a hot sticky mess – one of my favourite things! I’ve been out to the mud pit again. All the prep work a few weeks ago is definitely paying off. The mud is very soft and squishy and not… Read More »

And now… A ridiculous heat wave!

At least I have a better excuse than being lazy for not going out to the mudpits. +40°C with the humidity is definitely not safe weather for trudging through the forest. Apparently, we’re expecting one more day of this ridiculous heat, then a day of storms and rain, then back to normal weather for the… Read More »

Great… Now I can’t get myself motivated

Granted, the nice creeky marsh I’m planning to mush around in is a bit of a trek through some rather unforgiving forest. It’s great because chances are noone else wants to go there… But it makes for a tough trek when you’re all fat and out of shape from sitting around all winter… But, thankfully,… Read More »

I might beat the timer!

As I’m writing this, my little fun time timer is telling me that I should be dipping in some muddy fun in 36 days. I think I will beat this timer! 🙂 It is looking like I’ll at least be out for a hike in the next week or so, and with any luck it’ll… Read More »

Spring is springing

All the muddy looking fields is such an encouragement. It’s a sure sign that the ground is thawing and I’ll be checking out mud pits soon! COVID-19 has me a little concerned that there will be more visitors around my favourite mud pits this year. It’s not what I want, really, but I find my… Read More »


And so it’s well into 2020 now. Some weather know-it-alls are predicting an early spring. I can vouch for the snow melting already – and not too fast. I predict none of last year’s flooding, assuming the snow keeps melting slowly and we don’t get tons of rain. I can’t help get a little bit… Read More »

Magic Number

I decided I need some sort of date to look forward to. It’ll help get through the winter blahs to have a plan. Thus, I’ve decided that the magic number, based on historical spring runoff times, is the 160th day of the year, corresponding to June 8, 2020 (it is a leap year!). And so… Read More »