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Stuff I’ve done, figured out, yearned for, or complained about.

So worth it!

I went back. I went back to the stirred up pit that I so much feared just a few nights ago. I did not regret it. As it turns out, it’s a bit easier to hide from the truck lights than I thought. So I parked in the same spot I did the other day,… Read More »

All I want is just one more…

A few years ago, I remember not going out much during the summer. I came to regret it all winter long. This fall, the same thing seems to be happening again. I don’t much like this feeling. It’s nasty, like I’m wasting my life. That being said, I have a few more nice days until… Read More »

So tempting!

Yeah so I took a nice Sunday drive today. At this point, I’m kind of regretting it because I found something that looked very tempting, but so totally unsafe that I sat there for 3 full hours in full gear, ready to jump in at any moment, but so full of hesitation that I ended… Read More »

Seasonal Thoughts

Well the summer was way too short. It certainly was a good one with decent temperatures and lots of sunny days. As the season wraps up for another year, I’m finding myself a little disappointed that I didn’t get as much mud time as I would have liked. Worse of all, is that I didn’t… Read More »

With regard to one of my previous ramblings… I’ve been wearing shorts over the suit lately. It’s working out very well. The (mostly) zentai suit I’ve been wearing is made of somewhat thinner material than the one I had before, but so far I’ve managed to not tear any holes in it. I am still… Read More »

Might get lucky.

I took a few weeks off. I took a few weeks off because the last few weeks haven’t been the most hospitable. No significant rain has dropped for some time now. I also notice the lakes are somewhat lower than they were last year at this time. If it’s true, this would play nicely with… Read More »

Could this be my dream vacation?

Doesn’t that look positively inviting? ha! It sure looks like something I might enjoy, except it probably smells like sulphur and the air around it might be toxic… Apparently, wallowing in this kinda stuff is something that normal people can enjoy also, with the correct environmental controls maybe? Check out these folks having a wonderful… Read More »

Day trip!

… but only if the weather co-operates! I am really hoping to get a day out in the forest this weekend! The weather suggests a few nice warm rain-free days… But I am fully aware that there will most likely be some changes to this forecast by the time the weekend rolls around. It’s a… Read More »


I finally got around to upgrading my dinky little blog that noone reads… Thankfully, I enjoy doing this, and the fact that nobody reads thing thing doesn’t have any impact. So it’s with great happiness that I announce we are now running on Debian Stretch with the latest Apache and PHP versions available. Yay! Hopefully… Read More »


I just realized that this weekend’s website update reset all the theme customizations I made. *sigh* What a pain in the ass! So. I will switch back to the old theme until I get around to restoring my customizations from backup. Stay tuned! Related Images: