By | August 3, 2019

With regard to one of my previous ramblings… I’ve been wearing shorts over the suit lately. It’s working out very well. The (mostly) zentai suit I’ve been wearing is made of somewhat thinner material than the one I had before, but so far I’ve managed to not tear any holes in it.

I am still tempted to splurge on a FetsFash microfibre suit. I’m really curious what that would feel like and how it would wash afterward. I have a microfibre towel that I can just spray off and be done with, while the normal spandex suits seem to hold on to the finer (read: clay, silt) particles and it seems that no amount of washing and rinsing can get rid of them all.

We’ll see what happens. I think it’s a bit late now to order from Fets. I don’t want to get a more expensive suit and only get to use it once before having to store it away for 8 months…

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