Uhm, how do I wear pants, again?

By | April 23, 2019

There’s this time of year when I spend my free time planning out the coming mud season. From wandering around Google Maps, to deciding what gear I want/need, and even spending time blabbering on about it! 🙂

Typically, I wear spandex shorts (yes, I’m still using the same pair I was in 2014!) under a zentai suit and it’s been, by far, my configuration of choice when doing nasty things to mud pits. However, this year I plan to try wearing the shorts over the spandex suit. I am curious about how that will work.

One problem with the shorts-under-suit thing is that the shorts really stick to me and it’s difficult to adjust them with the tight zentai suit over top. The one time I tried the shorts-over-suit thing, the shorts didn’t cling to me at all, and the suit’s too-short legs caused them to slide to my knees all the time.

This year, I have a new suit. I had it custom-sized so it clings better in the crotch area. And so, I’ve decided to try the shorts-over-suit thing again. If the suit can’t handle it, then I’ll see if I can get stronger fabric and/or stitching…

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