Spring is springing

By | April 21, 2020

All the muddy looking fields is such an encouragement. It’s a sure sign that the ground is thawing and I’ll be checking out mud pits soon!

COVID-19 has me a little concerned that there will be more visitors around my favourite mud pits this year. It’s not what I want, really, but I find my paranoia goes away when I get off the road and into the woods.

The trees are a bit reluctant to bloom this early, but animal life abounds, and some early bird plants are greening up already. I wonder what effect this nasty flu will have on wildlife patterns this year. I sometimes ponder whether any local species could be possible carriers for it. If it starts being carried by mosquitoes, it could spell game over for this whole season! 😱

But let’s stay positive! If I do get out early and often, I’ll have lots of stuff to talk about!

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