By | March 22, 2020

And so it’s well into 2020 now. Some weather know-it-alls are predicting an early spring. I can vouch for the snow melting already – and not too fast. I predict none of last year’s flooding, assuming the snow keeps melting slowly and we don’t get tons of rain. I can’t help get a little bit excited about that after the last week of even-more-self-isolating-than-normal.

I’m not planning to spend much real actual money this year. I have a few random gift cards to use up. That being said, I keep getting into conversations that end up with my shopping around for various articles of WAM-worthy clothing to, well, WAM in…

Latex looks like a viable change from the standard spandex fare I’m used to. Yes, I know latex isn’t as ‘easy’ to deal with… I’m pretty sure I’d reserve it for use during cooler weather that we seem to get a lot of. What I really wonder is: Mosquitoes can’t bite through it right? 🙂

I am planning to map out at least a few soggy looking hikes for the year. Spring time is a great time to be out in nature before the fuggin bugs start fugging bugging me… In fact, I’m so much into doing some hiking this year that I may even join up with some other more regular hikers, just because I’m sure by June or so I may be aching for some social interaction that doesn’t require tapping on something.

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