Shiny and grey!

By | November 14, 2016

 I love the shiny grey color that this year’s mud holes have had. It’s obvious this area is rich in Leda clay, which isn’t a surprise really.  Even the muck that makes up Creeky Bog has a notable grey color once you get through the brown organic layer. I don’t know why I like this shiny grey so much, but to me it’s synonymous with the smooth squishy consistency I’ve come to love so much!

My happy fun suit has been remarkably durable. Although the cheapy cheap zippers broke, and there’s a few holes in the feet, the remainder of the suit hasn’t suffered a single tear along any of the seams or otherwise… And it’s still tight.  But I can’t wait to have enough disposable dollars put aside to order a better fitting one from Fets-Fash.  Remember, folks, inseam length is important! I need the suit to stay snug around the crotch despite the mud sucking my legs ever deeper.

Given the theme of this post, perhaps this one will be nice? (Fets-Fash is my friend!)

On the other hand, another thing I’d like for next year is some camouflage stuff. Backpack, shirt & pants, happy fun suit… Maybe it would help me hide better than with the black suit… Certainly the bright stupid colour of my current backpack was a stupid colour to choose, and I regret it even though I’ve never been caught with it. Moving through the bush as stealthily as possible is the main goal.

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