Very nice!

By | July 27, 2015

It seems the mud pit I’ve been using has pretty much dried up for the season. I noticed our mud-happy truck folk visited the site at least once since the last time I was there (which was several weeks ago, thanks to our illustrious postal service)… The surface is all cracked up… But, underneath it it is still nice and mushy, but without a little bit of extra water to throw around there isn’t much I can do there for this season.

Nevertheless, I did find an area that still has some water in it. There is a chance I can get back to that spot one more time this year, but I’m thinking I’m gonna try to get another spot going and give the people as much time as possible to forget that I’ve been there..

The new suit is very nice. It fits about as well as I expected, and for the price, it is a great little fun suit. It was nice to lie on my stomach and plunge my hands into the gooey remains of my favourite mud pit. I also really liked how the suit handled being covered in mud – all nice and shiny and stuff.

Of course, being me, I’m already shopping for a second one. I have a few things to keep in mind for the second round:

  • Get the thicker fabric offered by Fets Fash. The one I got from China was a ‘weightier’ fabric than I expected, but I would like just a bit more.
  • Consider the micro-fibre ones… A bit more expensive, but they really look great!
  • Pay the extra for custom sizing. The one I have is skin-tight all around, but I’d like the waist to be just a bit more snug. Also, the legs need to be about 4″ longer.
  • Ditch the front zipper. First, it goes far enough down to interfere with a certain body part, and second, it makes putting on and getting off a bit of a challenge, especially with 5 hundred million aggressively hungry mosquitoes.
  • Pay the extra for DHL. Super-saver shipping can go to hell. And the fools actually wrote “Unicolor zentai suit” on the label. Hello guys? Yeah I live in a small town with a feisty rumor mill and incredibly nosy people! Fawk!
  • Pay even more for a good bug repellant that won’t eat the fabric. DEET is great and all, but permethrin promises to be much more fabric-friendly, and, of course, much more expensive.
  • Simply accept the fact that it’s gonna cost 5x more, LOL!

I’m starting to notice the local waterways are starting to drop a little bit and there is some nice looking exposed shoreline popping up here and there. I think it’s soon time to start looking around locally again and hope I can find somewhere that’s a little bit less sandy.

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