More goodies, more anticipation, and a measure of hopefulness!

By | June 25, 2015

Yeah. So I went ahead and ordered me a nice happy fun suit. I don’t know what to expect. It’s coming from China because they seem to have the market for inexpensive suits. The more I read reviews online, the more I just kinda pray it arrives and fits properly. I customized it with a front chest zipper (just because) and eye holes (because it’s gonna be used mostly in the dark), and a generic size, so I hope it fits as well as I hope it does.

If I decide I really like this enough, I’ll save up some cash to get one of the most beautiful micro fibre suits that I see at Fets Fash… The only problem being that they’re somewhat pricey… But I imagine they’re worth every penny.

So because of the mods I requested, it won’t ship for another week or two. They say July 4 to July 7… And then 1-2 weeks for it to arrive at my house. I fear the mud pit I want to christen it in won’t be suitable any more by then… It’s starting to get a little crusty around the edges already. But, there is significant rainfall forecast for the next week (sure enough, I’m on vacation, so it will rain) so I might get lucky and the pond will have a few weeks of usefulness left in it.

So looking at the forecast again, it looks like it’s gonna be a bit chilly for the next few days. I’m planning a Monday trip because it looks to be the warmest evening for the next while. Hopefully everything works out for me and I can make this happen.

So I have some questions about this suit. It’s gonna have a pretty hard life with the punishment I’ll be putting it through. I see on Fets Fash some suits that are supposed to be made from a thicker material, so depending on how this cheapie suit works out I might opt for that instead of the cushy microfibre… But anyway.

How does one clean these suits? A lot of people suggest doing it by hand. My problem with that is all the spandexy stuff I have seems to capture and hold the fine mud particles of this particular mud pit. I spent nearly 15 minutes trying to get all the mud out of the happy grey ‘pants’ I got last weekend. Cleaning a zentai suit this way is going to be a bit more challenging because of the arms and hands and feets and such. I may have to settle for multiple trips through the washing machine (ie, the rolling barrel kind, whatever they’re called, rather than the agitator kind) and hope for the best…

My mind is full of imagery of the pond’s saturated mud while I was stirring it up from below… It was so inviting. I really hope I will be able to replicate this when I get my new suit. So please leave a comment (anonymous is fine with me) and wish me luck, everyone!

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