It’s getting really gooey!

By | July 3, 2016

As I mush the mud around more, the surface level drops a little below the ground level. This is great for collecting rain, and since it’s a somewhat shaded spot, the water hangs around for a while. After, oh I don’t know, maybe an hour of mushing the pit around, I end up with this prime example of a clayey mud hole.

It’s so sticky that even when I stick my arm in the watery part, it leaves a thin smooth layer on my happy suit.  The whole pit is at the point now where I can get under the surface and really chew it up just with my hands…  I suspect next time I visit the hole (which I’m already planning!) it will still be quite sloppy and easy to work with.

Anyway, we’re entering a muggy hot part of the season so I’m making plans for sometime next week when the rains come again and refill the hole. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t actually need any more water, but at the same time, keeping the pit wet will help it last through the whole season.

I still want to make a trip out to the great Truck Hole but that will have to wait, unfortunately.

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