I love the fall

By | October 21, 2017

With water at the lower point this time of year, I’m getting to check out some sweet shorelines! Here’s good old Creeky Bog, which I visited a few times this year, and then decided to seek something more private.

There’s no trace of any of my visits from this year, thanks to the fallen leaves. This is really comforting! It also means that there’s nowhere left to hide now that the trees are bare…

So I went for a tour back to Creeky Marsh. I found a similar looking area to the bog so I checked it out, and fell in love! I must’ve spend 2 hours crawling, and sinking, and mushing around… Also spent a lot of time yanking out sticks, like normal for any mud pit.

I wanted to find the deepest spot, so I aimed for the edge of the water. Getting there was half the fun, thanks to RedBull! I got to crawl through this thick mud that was up a few inches above the water. I noticed it bottomed out but the floor seemed pretty soft.

When I got near the water, it got very soft, and very deep, and I did not reach any solid bottom. As I mushed around in it, it started getting pretty tough to move, so I decided to take a break. On my way out I noticed that where I’d bottomed out before I was getting a bit further down now. And it was making some very thick mush.

I spent the next little while just picking out sticks, crawling around trying to get as many of the big sticks out as possible. Moving back and forth between the soft deep stuff and the thicker mushy stuff made the deep stuff stiffer and the shallow stuff deeper. I ended up with this perfect happy zone right in the middle. 

I really want to get some photos next time I go there. I can be seen from the shore of the far side, but any other direction offers excellent protection, even with the trees somewhat bare, so I’m looking forward to visiting again before the weather stops being nice. I’d like at least another hour or so of play time… Tonight wasn’t uncomfortably dark on my way home, but another 20 minutes would have made a big difference.

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