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This place is basically a muddy hole beside a trail. It’s frequented by mud bogging trucks in the spring and ends up being really nice and deep. A little gritty but most of the stones get thrown out by truck tires.
In 2015 I returned to find another similar hole down the trail a bit. The second hole is much deeper and mostly free of stones.


While I’m not really into the whole ‘stuck in quicksand’ kinda helpless sorta sinking type thing… I did return to this year’s top choice mud hole and put the results of the recent rainy days to work for me. With the extra water, and the extra time stomping around, I finally did hit bottom at… Read More »

Just add water.

The little pond I found yesterday isn’t all that deep (with water) so I expect a few weeks at most before the summer heat dries it up. So I went back. This time I went a bit later in the evening and everything was pretty quiet all around the area. 🙂  I spent about an… Read More »

Day! Spot!

Oh yes oh yes oh yes! I took a drive out to the Truck Hole Trail and see what’s up there. It still looks every bit as good as it did last year… Then someone drove by on a 4-wheeler, so I made like I was taking a casual walk on the trail. It reminded… Read More »

Happiness is a warm mud bog!

Today started off with a simple goal. Go to the spot I marked on the map and see what I find there. I found a mud bog. A deep, freshly ground mud bog. A large brown fun hole.  Made fresh for me by some kid in a big truck. When I arrived at the place,… Read More »