WTF is this guy doing?

By | August 30, 2015

Another week, another trip to the mud hole. It seems to be a pretty good spot, really. I’ve been there a number of times this year and no sign of any interference. No unwanted visitors (animal or human)! It seems even the trucks haven’t returned!

So when I arrived on-site this time, I was pretty surprised to find that someone had driven through the spot I’d used last time. But they didn’t drive the length of the pit, and instead stopped right at the spot I got off in last time! That was somewhat uncomfortable, but it was already 11pm so I stuck it out and hoped they didn’t make a big deal of it.

Things are pretty dry still, but there was some rain so the tire ruts from the truck were full of water, and it was enough to smush some of the ‘bank’ into the rut, and I ended up with a pretty good sized spot to play in.

I worry a bit now about the possibility of someone having installed a nature cam somewhere nearby. This could be a real problem since I tend to go in normally and get changed on-site. Not to mention the cleanup phase involves some full nudity! Nevertheless, if I’m gonna get caught, I’m gonna get caught. My car is a pretty easy target, too. There aren’t very many exactly like mine in the area and there are some ‘features’ of the body that may stand out (ie, that rust spot looks like this)… But, I’m here now and it’s gonna happen!

Earlier in the day I’d bought a couple of cheap bottles of shower gel. Once I prepared my spot, I dumped an entire bottle of gel onto the area and mushed around some more. This added a really slippery kinda feel to it, but without making the mud any less sticky, which ended up feeling ridiculously nice both inside and outside the suit. Definitely going for another round of this! I also wonder what other kinds of fun WAM I can make with this…

  • Shampoo: Pro: It a bit cheaper for much larger bottles. Con: Washes out easier than shower gel.
  • Shaving foam: Pro: Great consistency and feeling. Con: Any contact with water completely wrecks the foam.
  • Motor oil: Con: Not good for my clothes. Pro? Keeps my engine running well.
  • Baby oil: Pro: Very slippery, probably best in thicker mud. Con: Expensive
  • Foods: Pro: Lots of fun, varying consistencies. Pro: Will likely contaminate the pit and attract bears.

Any other suggestions? I don’t want to attract unwanted wildlife or make the pit unusable forever.


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