More rains plz!

By | July 7, 2015

This past weekend marked another happy fun visit to this year’s choice hole… The water level is getting pretty low, but it’s still beautifully mushy… I am hoping to get one more trip in as soon as I get my fancy new zentai suit… There is a small amount of stormy rainy type weather in the forecast for today. I suspect it will be another week or so before my suit arrives, so I am very hopeful there’s still some puddle left to play in.

If all else fails, the mud itself will probably still be a bit mushy underneath and I will be bringing an empty water jug with me in case I need to go collect some from the other site down the trail. I would like to avoid this, since it’s a lot of work… But the evenings have been pretty cool so all should be good with that.

Here’s another photo of the fun pond…

My happy spot didn’t appear to have been visited since the last time I was there so that helped with the comfort level a little bit. There is still lots of play space there, even if the fun section dries up. The mud there isn’t as deep but it will be wet for much longer so if all else fails, I can just move down the pond a little bit and have lots of play time left.

I took a quick tour of a few other spots I’ve used before. The only one I’m really interested in this year is still quite flooded, but the waters are dropping. I am also tempted to take a trek through the bush near my home since the creek has dropped a good foot or so in the last couple weeks so there might be some shoreline around that might be nice…

So all in all, it’s turning out to be a pretty good fun season so far. Hopefully things continue to go this well for the next two months. I’m probably close to half way through this season and I am dreading spending another entire winter without any mud… But in the meantime, I’ll get as much enjoyment out of it as I can!

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