Oh look, a mushy spot!

By | August 24, 2015

I went back (again) to the truck hole. It’s pretty dry looking still but I did remember to bring a water jug with me this time. I spent a good hour or so flooding a spot with some water from a big puddle down the trail. This mud doesn’t take too much stomping around to reach a nice consistency, so I save some steps there at least, LOL.

Once I got down in it I realized there’s a mushy spot that looked dry on the surface but was actually quite saturated still. I dumped the last jug of water in it anyway, and smushed it around a little. it wasn’t as deep as the normal spot, but it was most certainly sufficient! 🙂

I have to be careful of rocks under the mud. There are some pretty sharp rocks and my knees got a bit dented, but it’s nothing that won’t heal, so I’ll just keep an eye out.

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