OK, that was *remarkably* gooey

By | September 4, 2015

Yups. Another mud hole trip. It seems that the soupy goo I made last trip really did something useful. Some of the surface water has evaporated off the top and there’s this gorgeous mushy mud goo under it now. That was a lot of funsies. And not a lot of work is required to get it ready for use. I only used a small section of the mush, and saved the primo goo for my next trip, which I’m planning in a few days when the nights get warm again (Last night’s 10°C is a bit chilly, although just barely warm enough to avoid nasty shivering)…

A truck had been through the pit a few times. The section I used earlier this summer got chewed up a bit and is showing signs of being a bit mushy again. It’s quite deep there, but it’s also the ‘highest’ spot in the pond so it dries up first. I’m actually tempted to dig out a spot nearby and fill it nice and deep and maybe even cover it to keep the moisture right. The banks around the pond are a bit high and the trucks don’t seem to invade a small section off to the side of the pit, so maybe I have an idea there, even if it’s a bit of work to get started.

Oh yeah. I’m trying to get some photos so I can change up my UMD profile a bit. This first attempt failed pretty hardcore. I think the words I used at the time were ‘blurry, grainy, pear-shaped’ something or other. It’s pretty clear that the dinky little point & shoot camera I have is not going to cut it in the dead of night. So I have the option of going earlier when it’s daylight and risk being found out, or bring the expensive DSLR and try it. I might be able to work something out yet before the end of the year.

But ya know it feels weird to me putting this kinda photo on a profile page for some reason. I know noone will recognize me thanks to the zentai suit, but… yeah… I’m not exactly modelling work material here. I don’t know why I’m even bothering. But I’ll probably do it anyway.

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