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Revving up!

This year is just now starting to rev up. I took another arduous trek through the forest to hunt around for mud in the Creeky Marsh area… I was hoping that since we’ve had little rain and the water levels are down all across the board, I’d be able to take a nice deep sink…… Read More »

Welcome to 2018!

Happy new year! OK So it’s March. Give me a break! 🙂 This winter wasn’t so bad. We have had some really cold spells, but for the most part it’s been a pretty mild winter. There’s almost no snow on the ground. Everything is frozen, nonetheless. I don’t really have any exciting news… I realize… Read More »

I love the fall

With water at the lower point this time of year, I’m getting to check out some sweet shorelines! Here’s good old Creeky Bog, which I visited a few times this year, and then decided to seek something more private. There’s no trace of any of my visits from this year, thanks to the fallen leaves.… Read More »

Winding down

I’ve been pretty busy lately with real life stuff… But I did manage to get out twice in the last month or so. I’ve kept up my winning streak of getting to and from the spot without being spotted, except by a few young fishermen, who really seemed more interested in getting away from me… Read More »

Pick-up Sticks

I finally found a day off to spend wandering through the forest again. I tried to reach an area that looks like it might have some nice mud. The forest around it is pretty hardcore, so I gave up after about 2 hours. There’s a chance I might try to visit it again but I… Read More »


I went back to the mushy spot I found earlier this summer and found that the water has receded enough for me to get down and dirty. It’s a nice sized pit and the mud is very mushy. Even the less-saturated part of it is really mushy and fun.  Since I’m now officially using this… Read More »