By | July 29, 2017

I went back to the mushy spot I found earlier this summer and found that the water has receded enough for me to get down and dirty. It’s a nice sized pit and the mud is very mushy. Even the less-saturated part of it is really mushy and fun.  Since I’m now officially using this pit, I suppose it should receive a name, which I’ve decided will be ‘Creeky Marsh‘ since it’s in the Creeky area and is a rather large marshy area surrounded by these mushy boggy bits.

I went a bit earlier in the day, too, and noticed the mosquitos weren’t quite as bad. I guess the lesson there is to not go at dusk because that’s when they all come out in force.  Being able to move at a more leisure pace really helps make the time out more enjoyable! 

Since I’m having a little bit of trouble getting access to laundry facilities this year, I’m happy that this mud washes off much easier than Creeky’s extra-sticky clay. It also means that I can simply wring out the clothes and hang them up for a few minutes in the sun and the mud all just sort of peels off and all I need is a quick rinse at home and it’s ready for another trip. I’m considering going out more than once this next week because of this.

Meanwhile, my vehicle is in good shape, having put a few hundred bucks of work into it in the last few months. This means I can finally take an afternoon away and go visit Truck Hole Trail. It’s coming up on 2 years since I visited it last, and I’m a bit anxious to check it out now. It’s really a prized spot since it’s essentially one giant truck-stirred mud pit. It might be a bit difficult to deal with the mosquitos, tho. Since it’s right beside a trail that people actually use, and since it’s occasionally visited by country kids and their muddy trucks, it’s not a good idea to go there before evening…

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