Wish me luck.

By | August 15, 2017

Well it’s another week here in Mudbog town. I have decided that the mud in this area is too good to pass up. I may try to visit some other areas this year, but for now I’m sticking with what works. There is still an increased chance of getting found out, but at the same time, the spots I’ll be visiting are about a half mile away from the nearest dwelling. They’re also around an area that is right along the creek but far enough away to not be visible.

When I explored this area earlier this year, there was lots of water still around, but I was stepping into some pretty deep mud, so I’m expecting to have a choice of deep mud holes to play in. I’m getting a little bit excited about going there again, but I’m also feeling a little nervous. I really want to avoid being seen on my way in to the bush now. I’m afraid if someone does see me it will be very bad. Luckily there’s only a very short walk down the road before I reach a trail I can use.

I’ve mapped out a different route this time. It will keep me away from the creek more and will be a slightly more straight and direct route through the bush. If it works out for me this way then I will use it going forward. I am also planning to go later in the day.  I really hope the mosquitoes don’t wreck an otherwise enjoyable hike.

So, everyone, wish me luck. 🙂

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