Course corrections!

By | July 2, 2019

Part of my plan for this weekend was to get to the marsh without following the creek so closely. I sometimes encounter people paddling along the creek, because it is a really serene chunk of nature there. I decided to chart a new course, with the help of my handy dandy cellphone/GPS/tracker. The trip to the marsh was a bit messy because a big chunk of the path I took cut through some pretty dense underbush.

By taking this new path, I shave maybe a hundred meters or so off the path I normally take, which I thought was a pretty good win… However, on the way home, I cut an even shorter, more straight and direct path, and it turns out that that particular path is downright pleasant! I avoided tons of raspberry bushes and tree branches to the face, and the terrain itself was even smoother with less snappy brush on the path!

So I will for sure take this path again, and I can’t wait for that day!

As for the pits themselves… I was able to get to a couple of the better holes, but they are still under too much water. I stomped around to get them started, so next time I go I should be able to just get to it without too much prep time. I figure about a week or two and conditions will be just perfect.

I’m already making plans!

In the meantime, I was back at the hole from a few weeks ago. It had much less surface water but it was beautifully mushy thanks to my earlier visit. I am still loving the rich smoothness of this mud, thanks to the silty nature of the whole area… Once it gets worked up a little bit, any outdoor mud WAMmer would absolutely love it!

And so, I plan to visit again real soon. With the new trail I can potentially be in and out again within 3 hours…

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