By | June 10, 2019

I finally got myself enough energy to slip into some nice soggy mud this weekend! I feel like it’s been years since I’ve gone out on a nice hike. Most of the nice deep pits are still under water, but I was able to stop at a spot I had visited a few years ago. It still had too much water over top of it, but I was able to mush it up and have a good time anyway.

Next visit this pit should be more ready for use. I will be watching water levels… If I can hold off till the water levels drop another few inches, then I will be all set for the summer.

And yes, the mosquitos were intense. The breeze helped, but not enough to avoid me waving my arms around like a crazy lunatic on meth!

I’m thinking I should probably try to make myself a trail through the bush that avoids the snap crackle pop dead tree branch cacophony… Maybe I can get away with just getting rid of some of the eye level mess before I accidentally remove my eyeball with a dead branch.

I really want to have a nice quiet trek to the creeky swamps… Getting to the pits isn’t so bad for some reason… But the walk home is arduous and noisy because I’m usually pretty tired and spaced out from all the excitement *wink*

And so, I find myself staring at the map again. I’m going to try to make a path through the forest that avoids the creek as much as possible. This is because sometimes I encounter people paddling along the creek and, well, I really don’t want to be seen around there… It’s only a matter of time before I ‘accidentally’ encounter someone who knows the land owner… This would be a Bad Thing ™ .

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