April showers bring May mud holes!

By | May 11, 2017

Well the water levels have stopped rising. The rain has stopped falling. The sun is out, at least a little bit. More rain is forecast but nothing near the amounts that we’ve had this year.  At the end of it all, we’ve experienced the worst flooding on record.  I’m very hopeful that this will all end up with an extra muddy mud season this year, but it’s slow coming. I am hearing several days before the water levels drop significantly, and a month or two at least before they’re at ‘normal’ levels…

I have a route through the bush all mapped out. There’s a couple spots I am anxious to check out, and I hope they turn out to be as inviting as they look on the maps.  Cameras are all ready to go. Fun suit is all ready to go.  My hiking shoes have a hole in them but I’m not really in much of a rush to replace them since they’re otherwise comfortable, and once we hit the wet spots I switch to my happy fun shoes. I am really tempted to go on a hike this afternoon. The weather is OK. Wind is a bit chilly, but that’s not much of a concern when I’m moving around a lot.

If nothing comes of this trip today… I don’t know. I might try to hit up the Truck Hole Trail again this weekend. I didn’t make it last weekend due to various work related shits.  On a recent drive by of the entrance I saw that it was more flooded than normal, which is not surprising, but will cause extra problems getting to the actual site, which is a good half a mile down the trail.  Regardless, I have to drive by it on the weekend anyway, so hopefully I can overcome my typical paranoia about that spot and take a walk in.  Chances are there will be at least some of the muddy part visible, assuming little or no rain between now and then.

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